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Asian Massage
What does Asian massage include?
The word means “finger pressure” in Japanese, but the massage actually uses a wide variety of techniques such as soothing, pressing, kneading, tapping, and even stretching in order to induce relaxation of the mind and body.

What is a Chinese full body massage?
Tui Na, also known as Chinese massage, is an ancient practice that aims to release the flow of energy around the body. Lots of skilfull techniques are used to bounce you back to good health, including kneading, rolling and deep pressure that’s applied to precise points on your body.

What is a Korean massage called?
A Korean spa, also known as a jjimjilbang, is a go-at-your own pace spa where guests can enjoy several types of dry and wet saunas, relaxing pools, Korean food and the usual amenities, like massages and skin treatments.

What is the happy ending?
A happy ending is an ending of the plot of a work of fiction in which almost everything turns out for the best for the protagonists, their sidekicks, and almost everyone except the villains. … Satisfactory happy endings are happy for the reader as well, in that the characters he or she sympathizes with are rewarded.

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